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The Euro Lottery game saw its debut on the 7th February 2004 when it was officially introduced and presented by the well established gaming firm “Camelot” as the pan European Lotto Draw. Millions of ticket holders watched the first draw for jackpots live on the television for one week later on Friday 13th, 2004. The draw took place at Paris and has continued to be held in Paris since then.

Three countries were that were involved at the time the Euro Lottery was first held in its draw. These were France, Spain and the United Kingdom, around eight months later, six more lotteries of all over the European Continent had joined making nine countries and lotteries that are part of the pan European lottery game.

Every Friday night, Every Friday evening, the Euro Lottery or Euromillions as it is more well-known draws together the ticket entries from the nine European countries, which as you would expect, and can result in some huge jackpots.

The countries currently in the process of being involved are listed below.

* UK (The UK National Lottery)

* Switzerland (Swiss Lotto)

* France (La Francaise des Jeux)

* Ireland (Irish Lotto)

* Belgium (LoterieNationale de Belgique)

* Spain (Loterias y Apuestas del Estado)

* Austria (Austrian State Lottery)

* Portugal (Portuguese Lottery – Campiao)

* Luxembourg (LoterieNationale of Luxembourg)

I would like to see more nations to join because this will undoubtedly increase the number of players and tickets for this amazing game. This could result in a substantial increase in prize money and add to the already massive agenjuditogeljackpots for euro lottery.

If a draw occurs and the prize is not been claimed by any ticket holder, the jackpot is rolled over every week until it is claimed that has been proven to give an almost unimaginable sum of cash. There was a period when it was impossible to limit on the number of times this draw could roll over, but after much discussion, it was agreed that if the jackpot wasn’t claimed by the 11th day of the rollover cycle, the prize would be divided downwards to the next winning stage.

Memorable Euro Lottery Jackpot Payout

3rd February 2006 this draw was played 11 times and resulted in a PS125194,303 jackpot prize that was split among three Euro Lottery ticket winners, one from Portugal and two winners from France until now it’s Europe’s second largest jackpot winner.

Play Euro Lottery From Any Where

In general, when you purchase an Euromillions ticket “normal way” from a variety of retailers you’ll need to be a citizen of one of the nine European countries that participate, however should you be interested to play on the Euro Lottery and are not citizens of any of the member country, all is not lost.

With the advent of technology and internet connectivity, and also the advent of lottery tickets online sellers, you can purchase the desired amount of euromillions entry entries wherever you reside around the globe.

The reputable ticket companies have agents in each country where they provide lotteries and they can buy tickets in your name. It is your duty to you are responsible to ensure that you are in compliance the laws of your country regarding gambling before you play games that are not in the country the country where you reside.

Play Euro Lottery With A Team Of Players

Due to the internet, there are several legitimate and reliable syndicate firms which will allow an entry into the Euro Lottery.

The players purchase a syndicate membership and are enrolled to a group of players. This will provide higher odds of winning. These systems also let players from non member countries to be able to participate in ticket entry and have the possibility of winning huge prizes in the Euro lottery.