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WoW Classic – Thousands Of Players Join The Fresh Crusade

WoW Classic Fresh Crusade is a community initiative to restart the game on a low-populated European realm. Thousands have joined so far.

The Fresh Crusade is a player-driven project to recreate the launch of WoW Classic on a new realm. The experiment began on March 5th and it looks like it is a successful one. Using the official game forums and Discord, players have teamed up to re-start the game. More than 8,000 players were on board with this initiative. Players from 19 guilds and many others decided to start the game anew. They chose a low-populated European server and created brand new characters hoping to relieve the launch on WoW Classic.

Caszhar, the initiator of the Fresh Crusade project, estimated that about a third of the people showed up on March 5th. More than 20 guilds, each bringing hundreds of members came to start fresh on Dragonfang, a low-populated EU server. As a result, the server’s population went from low to medium in a short time. WoW Classic has layering at launch. This means that players were grouped into instances to prevent server lag. On high-populated servers, it wasn’t enough as lag still occurred. Layering was kept in WoW Classic for a while. It was reduced until it was completely removed. Right now, there is no more layering so all players see each other on the map. With that in mind, you can imagine what happened on Dragonfang on March 5th when an estimate of 3,000 players created level 1 characters and entered the world all at once. The starting zones were crowded for a few hours. It took some time for everyone to pick up their first quests and complete them. It was mayhem but it was fun, as those who took part in it reported. Once again, players formed queues so they can talk to quest NPCs. If too many players access the same NPC at once, they get lag and it can take up to several minutes until they handed in their quests, get the rewards, and get new quests. Players organized themselves in an orderly fashion and patiently waited in queue for their turn. Some players, including Caszhar and his guildies, just went to other areas and killed mobs for XP as the starting zones were too crowded. A few days after, the situation is more manageable and Dragonfang has an active community of players that are determined to level up once again and get ready for the Burning Crusade Classic launch later this year.

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